Fluffneck Luka (old photo)

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1 hour ago  swaggy

chewy werther carmelals make me wanna naked

2 hours ago  

i dont kno w  whwere my glass es are and honest i am sitting a resaon bale distance fro me lmy computer and the txt post box thing just looks like a big whit ebox with nothing on it  except some fucking weeire greyspexks and likens and litle scraitcj mmark and thena little blue smear and then a brown smear with two yellow things which is like the avatar of the pupyp thing you know what i mean lie my tumblr icon nd thrn hter grey thing i forgot what that even does

i need to fin my fucking glasses this is BULLSHIPT.

2 hours ago  (statuic)


give ‘em the ol’


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eating yo girl out like.


back at it again at the krusty krab

2 hours ago  FUCK


we went on a field trip to the zoo last week

i accidnetally drooled on my leg and then pucnhed my knee cp while holding a paper tkowel